Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hello Folks,
This will be a very short blog. I must notify everyone. Ahem .... quite back there .... thank you ...
There may be some changes over the next few weeks to this blog. Things have been getting crazy with starting a family, business, apartment etc. etc. etc. and I'm getting to the point where I need to either live life or record it. Something has to give, and I fear it may be the blog. I'd hate to see it just go and die (KERSPLAT!!! like a dead frog skuished by a Mac truck), so I'm going to try and reduce the frequency of posting or amount, or both. We'll see. 
The Art must live on ...... however, thanks to ALL for your enthusiastic support, emails and encouragement.
Gotta run.
As Always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael & Rebekah Thomas


Esther said...

Dear Michael & Rebekah,
Thank you for sharing your pictures. We'll agree to be content with the essentials: births, baptisms, weddings, deaths. We're glad it is not the death of your blog. No blackout!
~ Esther

Anonymous said...

Hey, Michael! You have one of the greatest and most popular blogs. I know for me, it is the only connection I have with you and your family. Maybe you should let one of your family members take it over? I would hate to see it go completely.


Sarah said...

Please don't stop blogging altogether!! :/ I'll miss it! Just make sure you post about the BABY!! :)

Esther Joy said...

some cute pictures nice! real nice!

eje said...

Yeah, post about the baby when it comes. (maybe I should have said he/she?!) Please don't stop posting completely! :-(

I found your blog thro Jordan Niednagel and have enjoyed reading both of your blogs. I even call soem of my photos "Art-" (as the caption) now on my blog!! :-)

Yours and Jordan's weddings were great. I enjoyed all the pictures.

AlissandraM said...

"i wanna live!" ~ from "horton hears a who"

listen to the cry of your blog and its readers!!! don't let it die off completely!!!

Aaron C said...

So, you've reached the Death Valley of Blogosphere, too?

I'm truly sorry to hear that. It happens to all bloggers at some point, I think. 2 years ago something like 6 friends and I all simultaneously started blogs and...well...let's just say they've met the Mac truck.

If nothing else, post pictures! You are a great photographer. Remember, "one picture = a thousand words", eh? Maybe you should go into professional photography. Then again, I told Silas Hathaway the same thing, and he wasn't too thrilled with the idea...