Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nana's B Day

Happy Birthday Nana Flynn

Wow! She doesn't look a day over 21

The grand arrival

The grand meal

Before the massacre

Good stuff

Enjoying the shows

"This is Marilyn"

Brothers laugh

"More cowbell! More cowbell!"

Juan Pablo says "Olah"


KaHolly said...

It was a wonderful birthday celebration! I was so glad to be able to travel down to be a part of it. ~Auntie Karen

thomasmama said...

I can't get over how much Patty reminds me of Marilyn! What a great celebration!

Jordan of Locksley said...

I'm telling you, the Flynn gene is something else! Nana looked EXACTLY like a cross between Anna and Amanda. Then you have Jeff and brother Steve with the exact same voice, and then Amanda and Aunt Cari with the exact same voice ... and then on the other side Mrs. Flynn and sister Sharon with the exact same voice ... uncanny!

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be working. I HEAR THE BOSS COMING DOWN STAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!