Monday, September 27, 2010

Life Ala Sugercoated Version

Attending a local meet the candidate night. George Ross for state Rep. ...

Jack wants to know his stance on the public works dept. 

Waiting for the family


The beauty of New England Autumn calls us ....

.... and for the insane shutterbugs we are, that means, well ... taking two steps, stopping, taking a pictures, taking 1/2 a step and doing it ALL over again. Stopping and, of course, admiring the art.

Setting out ...

Only they know what they are talking about

The epic out of focus jump

Running through the woods ... Amazing how a Autumn just adds that magical artistic feel to everything

Expeditious Art

After the "accident

Gosh I love this girl

"Welcome to my home"

"Please Mr. Hobbit, might have some tea"

2 Fruitloops Against Bureaucracy  

The blanket of color


Why? Michael! Why?



"Hey Babe!"

Katherine of the Killer Bouquet 


"The groves were God's first temples. Ere man learned
To hew the shaft, and lay the architrave,
And spread the roof above them,---ere he framed
The lofty vault, to gather and roll back
The sound of anthems; in the darkling wood,"  William Bryant

My precious little imp

Can I tell you a story? Sit down ... Once upon a time ...

"And they lived happily ever after" 


Farewell  ye all ... 
But hey! Come again!


Patty said...

First reaction???
I miss WENDY!!!
Jeff is so weird!!

Patty said...

on second thought...
Jack is TOO CUTE!! We can't stand it!!
Love that picture of Maggie...
Missing all of you!!!!
Can't wait to take a walk with all of you up here!!!
or in the snow down there when we're next home!

Joanna said...

So sweet. I've really enjoyed all of your picture stories for a while.

thomasmama said...

Hey! This was a great surprise! In all the excitement, I don't know if everyone here knows you posted your blog. I LOVED it! Little Hobbit man is such a doll! Love it! Love you!

Farming Family said...

Still at it. The Hobbit is very cute I must agree. God Bless Now!