Sunday, March 14, 2010

Random Thomas Stuff

Epic Cuteness
A jealous violin sits forgotten and alone watching his two cousins being played.
... a time to speak
Jack tries his hand at sleeping like a man of the sea.
First, our joints are warmed for action ...
Tumbling practice ... side note, three guys + one carpet = one big collision
With Ducks on the horizon, a home is needed
With about a few hours of warmth, Marscel crowns me king of the Duck Builders, Inc.

Fighting frustration as I think about my speed square, beautiful circular saw and all those other amazing tools I have ... at MY house, I remain calm. After all adaptation is supposed to be a strength of ENTPS.
Well ... he seems to trust me
Struggling with reality
My wife settles in to watch the fun
For a circular saw all bent up, a drill I have to PLUG IN, and NO speed square, It didn't come out that bad. (no comments on the angles please)
Marscel tests it's duckability. With his stamp of approval, all that's needed is some chicken wire on the sides and he should be good to go.
Me? Why me?

Pa and Matthew set out for some guy time together

Ok, I know you Southern readers probably have roses in full bloom by now, but for me, this one litte bloom has my heart singing. At last ... at LONG LAST ... spring is here. No more shall it be always winter and never Christmas. Make no mistake, Aslan is on the move.
Well, thats all for now. Y'all come again, ya hear?


Kasie said...

Spring? We're waiting for Spring just as much as you guys are - it's been a loooong winter for the south! We haven't planted a single thing in our garden yet, the ground is too cold (and our farmer friends have only just done so!). We had one week of spring, and now the temperature lingers in the 40's and early 50's. I can't wait for spring to stay!

Glad to hear you guys are doing well. :-) God bless!

.hannah.ruth. said...

Oh, my dear violin, I feel for you! =) Just kiddin'.

Michael Thomas said...

Yeah Kasie, you would be right about that cold lingering down there wouldn't you.

Anonymous said...

Jack is SO adorable! That photo of Matthew and Pa is so handsome! And thanks SO much for the ducky cage....yes, quite ducky, indeed! Love you! ♥

Mortonclan said...

Very enjoyable post, Michael. The duck cage looks great, Stockbridge sounds wonderful and your Dad's sunglasses are proof that your cool and delightful Mother is affecting his wardrobe. And the bloom is beautiful. Love to all, Jeanine