Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jon's Send Off

I get to review Jon's gear before he heads off to Alert


Outside, Jeff gives Jon his card, "Remember home is where the heart is ... and for the next three months you will be carrying it on your back"

Well, those Alert guys will probably take the Hat, but those cards will leave Jon plenty prepared for whatever happens. By the time you read this, the ALERT academy will have pictures posted:

Now that smells good.

Settling in to talk

"Well YOU can talk if you want to! I say let's play a game"

The games commence


Katherine grabs the ball. "Freeze" she cries

Then, yours truly begins to wonder why he stuck around to take pictures instead of running like the genius he is supposed to be.

Though now out, I am afforded a better view of the proceedings

Enjoying the sweet fruits of victory 

"Oh  mommy ... You should just TASTE your arm!"





Walking at the Monestary

"There goes my life,
There goes my future, my everything ... I love you"

Camera magnet


"Daddy's not really that good!"

Well, it's only been a year ... but I guess that's what happens with a $1,500 vehicle

Good by 


Enjoying that peaceful feeling you get after a good sneeze


"At some point, I bet I can do 100 pushups"

"Today isn't that day ... tomorrow isn't looking good either"


Patty L said...

Sent the last 2 pictures to Jon, saying that Jack is trying to follow in his Uncle Jon's footsteps... he should get a kick out of it!! Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT! I love the one of Jack tasting Rebekah's arm...the one of him in the basket watching you....Jacks comment on your playing...and the pushup! Love that doll! you, too! ♥

Kasie said...

Awww - Jack is just getting so big and too cute!

Great pictures, Michael! We got your message from Melissa the other day and relayed back a "hello" to you guys as well. We had such an awesome time in MO! Hopefully sometime we'll be able to make it up your way and visit with your family too.

Remember if you're ever around East TN to stop by!

eje said...

Those last two photos are great! I like the light in his eyes.