Sunday, March 14, 2010

Anniversary celebration

Though it wasn't planned, the Lueken's latest play lent a light hearted start to my wife & my anniversary get-away weekend

The Pirates of Penzance - A tale of a pirate who's exaggerated sense of duty keeps him always in trouble

An old women hardened by the woes of pirate life

Perhaps this young sailor could have taken a lesson from the Song of Songs to not awaken love before it's time.

Saturday we visited Stockbridge.

Alas, no pictures allowed!

Back at home, we assemble a concoction of sparkling apple cider and left over vanilla ice cream. For the record, I wouldn't recommend it. ;-)

But it sure looked cool!


Kasie said...

Happy belated Anniversary you two!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Definatly NOT a concoction I would try! ewwwww.♥