Friday, September 25, 2009

The visit draws to a close ...

Working on "The blog"

Of course, deciding which picture is "the best" is such the trial

While Melissa & Jordon flirt with the other team, I make a desperate come back. (side note ... .... I missed)


There are many who have made the blog, but few have gone to the lengths of this young lady who sprained her ankle just to be on "the blog"

Well, perhaps that was not EXACTLY her motive, but either way ... it worked.

Good stuff

Too early to make any serious arrangements yet, but, never say never.

Me father the grandfather

Playing Balderdash the game of unusual definitions

Our visit draws to a close. Thank you for coming Melissa and Jordan & Melissa. I love all three of you!

Happy Birthday Anna

Video chatting with Amanda & Cari straight from London

Hello Darling!

Hitting the beautiful fields of Dorchester

Fall has arrived in force!


Joe said...

Nice lawn mower :) What's the cutting width on that thing?

Michael Thomas said...

That one is a 48".

Esther Joy said...

Your beautiful wife is looking very pregnant! teeheee grats once again! The visit loooks like it was fun