Sunday, September 13, 2009

Church Picnic Time

After church, everyone gathered for a picnic. 

Conversation ensues as it often doos

First upon matters with importance so light

But gradually talk shifted to wrongs not quite right

Forced vaccinations, could it cause us to worry?

All I can say is, I'm I glad I'm from Missouri

Political discussion dropped aside, we engage in Ultimate Frisbee

"Hey Chris, 'dja hear the one about the plane? No! Well ... don't worry, it's probably over your head."

Victory! Sweet Victory.

After all that excursion, nothing says "food" like meat on a stick.

"Eat me"

'Tis the season for love ... Bekah & my mom crash a wedding party going on on in the other part of the park

My siblings idea of portrait art

1 comment:

Michah said...

Hmm, I wonder, is eating slugs good for the liver?