Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special visitors from Sherwood Forest

"Grandpa" is reunited with grandson (Ok, I'm still not sure I'M totally adjusted to the idea of my dad being a grandfather ... but, I'll be OK)

In a moment, I become "Uncle Mike"

William is shown off at the Chiropractor's office

"It's OK, William, someday you'll learn to appreciate all the publicity"

In which we arrive at Hammond Castle

My ever adoring mother

"Come on! I just want to see the castle"

Matthew gives us a debonair pose ...

William, STILL waiting to see the castle follows suit

What a view!

Find ME!

Personally, I like my angle better

Ok! Enough talk ... Entree Vous

Well said!

I'm liking that food!

A time for portrait art

Locksley 'imself is granted a special pass by the sheriff to join us

The local vineyard keeper and his beloved

Siblings Unite

"There! A ship. Dost thou see it upon the horizon?"

"Fear not, good sister, for if it is trouble they want, we shall protect thee"

"Then let them come"

Of course, not everyone takes to posing every second of the visit

"Oh! You messed with the wrong guy this time" 

Warming up for action

Danger, for the moment passes by

With the coast clear of danger, I pass the camera on, and greet my bride

"Boy! Do I love you!"

Wow! I'm blessed.

2 Blessed Couples

What's going on here?

Oh, just ANOTHER picture! (can you believe it?)

Just when you thought we were done, the arches are filled again ...

... and AGAIN!


Can you tell? We MISSED our sister!

"I want to sit next to her in the van!" "Avast fell nave, 'tis my turn" "Thou chattering cockatiel, defend yourself"

Be it decreed, Sisters must marry locally!


The decree given, the baron returns to his castle.


HannahP said...

Those pictures are all so cool! That's a neat place.

Hey, it's funny, I've got an Uncle Mike!! =) Only he's about 30 years older than you... =) William is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!!! I want him. Can I have him? No? Oh, well, thanks anyway. ;)

Josiah E. said...

Awesome pictures Michael! Their is nothing like a neat location for really getting awesome pictures... having good models helps as well ;)

Anonymous said...

Your costumes are wonderful!!!

Did the ladies make them all?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the Neidnagel's site and printed a I'm at your site and want to print a few. You did a great job and it looks like you had fun. I love the group shot or all yall(got to get southernese in there). I think I'll down load them onto something so I can get good quality pics instead of printer quality.Aunt Rita