Monday, March 7, 2011

Hold it! This is a Hi-Jack ... "Hi Jack"

Potty Training + Sign Language Video

Checking out the new crisis pregnancy center. By God's grace, this will be an answer to many in need.

Director Mark Conrad gives us the cook's tour

How? How can such as this be just thrown away?

To learn more check out 

With our hearts warmed by their love for the community, it's time to warm our skins (and clean the yard)

In which my eyebrows, eye lashes and beard get singed (wind shifted on me)


Something special about salty nachos, a big bond fire and a little family 

Night comes fast, 
coals burn slow, 
and in my heart love will grow

Do you ever have friends that just make you feel small ... Meet Matthew Miller

So if Matthew's the Miller, is Becky the Miller Lite?

Ooh that was a good meal!

Out of the way! Go go!

"Too much fun, what's that mean? Its like ... it's like ... zzzzzzzzzz"

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Simply me said...

such special pictures!
good to see what you all are up to
love and hugs to the whole family,