Friday, July 16, 2010

Later Stuff

Enjoying the true New England classic ... sea food

Unsure whether to like the sea or not.

"Got any in yours fella?" "Nope!" "You?"



The day draws to a close. 


The day is done

Time for the family pictures

At last

Family picture II

The return of the siblings

To many pictures begin to get to us. 

Exhausting ... family pictures can be truly exhausting


presentation folder design samples said...

I love the family reunion that you guys set up because of you guys having fun. I miss this kind of reunion in our family also. I think you guys had a great time in your bonding because it shows how happy your faces are.

thomasmama said...

THESE are GREAT!!!! My definite favorite is William and Jack and the caption "Got any in yours fella? "Nope!" "You?" Classic! I love our family photo.....I'm thinking of going with the first one! haha Priceless! ♥