Friday, July 16, 2010

4th Of July Festivities

And so begins the tale ...

"I hear some folks are coming"

"Do we HAVE to hug?"

"Psst! Hey ... who is this woman?"

Decoration committee 

Pyrotechnical specialists

Guests begin to arrive

Random guest one

Random guest 2

Pretty shot 1

Pretty shot 2

"Enough of the pretty shots ... let's get things rolling"

Chris prepares to read the declaration of independence. All kidding aside, have you ever actually sat down and READ that thing? This year it really hit me of how important that document was and how terrible were the harms listed.

Our national anthem is played

Due respect

In honor of their two year anniversary, it was Jordan & Melissa's privilege to light this year's Liberty Torch

Art (note to self ... next year, use a little less lighter fluid)

Micaiah shares the history of the "The Fourth"

This year as folks came in, they were pinned with random historical names. The time came for us, the signers of the declaration, to put pen to paper and stand for liberty

A moment of humor

The crowd is overwhelmingly impressed

Our great host of this year's edition of "To Tell the Truth"

This man insists he is Elias Boudinot

"No Sir! I am Elias Boudinot"


Aidan and Mark stand ready for the Epic Amguard Battles

Epicness comes in all ages, shapes and sizes


"Oh my!"

My epic-ness about to come to a rapid and painful conclusion (tip ... don't cross a man wearing a harley shirt and a determined face. Harley shirt + determination = pain)

Bald man with gun #1

Bald man with gun #2

Martial stride aside, it is time for another step

"After all, any savage can dance" - Mr. Darcy


And so ends a day of vision, a day of memory, a day of laughs and a day of inspiration

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thomasmama said...

awwwwww! Pretty shot 1 and 2 are so.....pretty! This captures such a small glimpse into a wonderful memory! I am so thankful for you and Jordan's photo accounts (and quirky captions) capturing it all! ♥