Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday at the Arboretum

Visiting the Arnold Arboretum (Click here for info) and checking out my tree of the year the Eastern Redbud. What is so cool about this tree is that the buds come all along the branches and THEN only THEN the leaves come out at the tips. Isn't that AMAZING!?!? Well how about really neat? Cool? Kinda sorta neat? Well, SOMEBODY has got to appreciate this kinda thing.

Jack isn't quite impressed by the Wisteria



Tucked away in that perfect spot, we rest, and talk ... but mostly rest. It's days like today that makes Sundays so perfect.

Jack chill'n out


Art ... it's just EVERYWHERE

Lilacs of every type and description

So many options!

With my head full of all the beauty the trees have to offer, I can only wait until I have the property to begin to shape it into something great

My wife's art

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