Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello Folks,
Wow! Jack is two weeks old. Fatherhood is an exiting ride. From spit-up rags hanging out of my pocket, to late night diaper changes, things have sure changed for this adventurous camera loving fanatic. Some might hope I'm being reformed, perhaps some are right. I like to think I'm just becoming more well rounded.
Heads up on a new experiment of mine, periodically through my posts, I will post links to items, books or random stuff that I find useful, interesting or just plain fun. Please don't be alarmed by the presence of what may seem to be "advertisement". It's just me being ... me.
Gotta run ...
As Always,
Love in Christ Jesus,
Michael, Rebekah and JACK FLYNN THOMAS
P.S. I just finished reading this book on the church that made me stop and think. Do I love the church? Do I? Do I ... really?

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kaholly said...

Scrolled through your latest posts with delight! Jack is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to meet him. Glad Rebekah is feeling better. Happy Holidays. -"auntie" karen