Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Arrival

My new guitar and violin are fast becoming best of friends. But a hunch tells me ... "Me, that's not the pics people are after"
Simple arithmetic ... My wife up in the middle of the night ... plus her hands on her hips in a funny way ... = The time is near

My mother comes armed with all her "midwifing gear" (If she doesn't go into midwifery after Marscel leaves the house, then she has missed her calling!)

Our dear midwives. Not the most flattering shot, perhaps, but you must realize the limitations of blogging such an event. My selection was therefore much limited.

"Put me back! I want a refund! I ordered the wrong ticket! Are you listening?"

Wendy and grandson begin to bond

Well! Maybe this place isn't that bad.

Our first family photo. Not quite what I'd send to 100's of people, but it's a first.

Landlord perks

"ooh! cold""

The all important grandparent examination

The second round of grandparent examiniations

Portrait of a grandfather who looks too young to be

A daddy at last!

A biased baby

Hordes of admirers

The Aunts


So tiny ... So perfect

Marscel the now proud uncle (as if he had anything to do with it ;-)

Baby Jack faces The Board

Jack is welcome to the band

Art - This was completely posed. I thought the piano in the background made for quit the classic feel

Aunt Lydia


Jack finally decides to give this world a chance

More perks of new parenting ... FREE FOOD

Jack throws his best pose

Thomas men look on

"Don't forget about me ... you father ... can you hear me son?"

Daddy power

Some friends sent this to my brothers, but I couldn't help but think of me and my boy in another 16 years.


Patty L said...

I can see you, Michael in these shots of Jack!!!

Patty L said...

Whoa! Every mother can relate to the second picture... what a great shot! Full of emotion for me!! Wow! That's one most people would not post... you are a true artist and teller of stories!!

Scaricari said...

I simply love, love, love the second picture. Beautiful! xo GAC

.hannah.ruth. said...

Oh, my word, he is SOOOOO cute!! Congratulations!!

Baleboosteh said...

Oh he is so beautiful! Many congratulations to you all.
Michelle and Rob

homemaker4jesus said...

The second picture is a picture of Love, a mommy love Rebekah had for Jack before she ever saw him!!!

He is adorable sweet baby! A great man of Valor he will be one day!!!

Jesus bless you three!!

Love, In Christ. Duncan, Tia and Phoebe (due to arrive March 7th).

beka said...

That's a great starter family picture. :) Beautiful family! That's awesome that you had a home birth! Wow, Jack is cute. :)You guys will be awesome parents. Love 'the serenaders'. ;) lovely idea.
God bless!