Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plymouth ... or a journey to see all four of our forefathers ...

I present to you ... the Peanut Gallery

The mob descends upon Plymouth

No matter how many times I review the hold of the ship, I can't help but wonder how the 100 folks below kept ANY semblance of sanity.


One very interesting sailor tries to convince my father that Jesus actually grew up in England

Children, do your father's teach you about the Papal canons?

Elder Fuller is met with blank stares ...

Portrait art

Kicken' back (note ... I LOVE this bed. Just such a cozy feel)

Shooting the breeze with the locals

One absolute highlight was when we were taught a round that the pilgrims might have sung together.


Remembering a time when every man's duty included defending his family

Tales of courage and faith were told

I couldn't help but but be struck by the absolute contrast of this shot. Sure makes you think ... don't it?

Babe ... you look simply smashing 

While the girls ponder the sewing side ...

... I appreciate the workshop.

Up ... up & ever higher

"How good and pleasant it is 
       when brothers live together in unity!"

Not to be outdone, I prove that big brother is STILL big brother.

Also not to be outdone.

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