Monday, November 23, 2009

The baby shower ... or a trip to Battleship Cove

With far t0o many ladies crowding around my wife all determined that "she's gonna have a boy because she's carrying high" "No!", cried another, "obviously a girl, she's carrying high", it was clear that it was time for us men to escape to safety ...

Micaiah, moments before the sickness struck

Examining a Japanese suicide torpedo. Definitely one of those missions you don't get a second shot at ...


Something so fascinating about boats ... everything is purposeful, yet somehow striking and artsy

Exploring one of the gun rooms

With modern technology doing all but sneezing for us, I'm always amazed at how they did things in the ancient days of gears and mathematics

Mr. Albano also amazed



"Hold that shot! Let me check this baby out"

The brute squad ... less the brute

Challenging our manly skills (why is Jeff ALWAYS better at these things)

"Land Ho!"

Poor little guy! I can only imagine it's face when that thing blows.


A stole away

Attending to his duties

My siblings and their Blackwater commander

Security budget is limited, so I guess these guys will do

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Mortonclan said...

How cool! I gess that's some cand of anti-aircraft gun? It looks like Matthew has the right idea. What an awesome tour.
I relly enjoyed our trip up to y'alls part of the country. Thank you guys so much, you and your parents family are so hospitable.
Well, all of us down hear are looking forword to the arivel of y'alls little one. we are praying that all goes well with the delivery.