Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding preparation

And who might have prepared such a repast?

One of our lovely hostesses

Enjoying the dinner

Wedding preparation? Well ... why not? The young men must get their wiggles out.

At last ... no more wiggles

With sarcastic shouts of "Fight in the kitchen" we were booted out of the living room and decided to settle our differences in a more civilized manner

Skills 1

Skills 2

Wedding prep begins in earnest

"Why do they do that?"

It always gets worse before it gets better

Preparing quite the treat

See. Told ya!

Somehow, I can't help but think that that's cheating!

Lining up my shot

"No I'm not a pool shark, but I play one on my blog"

Mr. Tumnus's forgotten adopted son, stands by the once famous lamp in the woods. But of course, they don't teach such history in today's schools.

Coming too, I recover from my day dreams. After all, Mr. Tumnus's forgotten son did look a bit like Micaiah


Grounds preparation

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