Monday, August 17, 2009

A day to walk in the shoes of all four of our fathers

Centuries come together

Yeah! Not sure that's QUITE your size pa.  

Captain Standish ever the quick shot

"That era had THE most ridiculous hats!" ~ My Mom

Well, I guess that's better

"Two are better than one, 
       because they have a good return for their work:

If one falls down, 

       his friend can help him up. 
       But pity the man who falls 
       and has no one to help him up!"Ecclesiastes

All garbed up and ready to go

Captain standish and the jolly Murray giant history failed to record

How time has changed since then

A time to remember the past 
A time to ponder today
A time to plan for the future


Art (cheers to the one young lad who perhaps rivals even the Locksley tike in cuteness ;-)


Because sepia makes us look more epic

The women


Me and family #1

Me & family #2

The dangers of one-size-fits-all before velcro and adjustable head straps


Pilgrims KISSED?!?!?! 

You betta balieve it! 


"Then there was the time when I was up all night watching for wild Indians while my husband was away getting supplies"

Leader of their hearts and comforter of their souls


Wow, that's quite the responsiblity!

The one eyed lass and 'er beloved friend

After the time of scripture, song and preaching, we rest and eat at the beach


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Esther Joy said...

Looking good with the facial hair Micaiah! haha! You guys do a lot of reenactments eh! OH and love the Social media addicts video! lol funny!