Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random and not so random happenings.

Hanging out with the Axbergs before Saturday night worship service.  


Mental scrambling to make some sense of the pieces 

Still too many blocks . . or not enough words

Coleen's secret to success ... translating Henry's burbling into legit words to use. They made a great team

For what it's worth, do NOT allow two teenage girls to be a Take Two Team.  Not time to elaborate ... but you can consider yourself forewarned 

After the singing time. Yeah, those two have become quite inseparable.  

Jack on the other hand has become quite the pro at helping set up for church.  

... when he is not dumping  body wash all over him. 

Yeah it was one of those moments when Bekah was like, "I could freak out ... or take a picture" 


Well security or boredom. Somehow he just isn't into the online financing teachings as I am. Come on kid! Get with it!

Vote Ron Paul! (for the record ... he lost our state)

"My brother sure is weird. At least I have something sensible like a spider on my head!"

"Just wild about Henry"

Oh, son! You definitely need a better costume director!


When the house goes quiet and all is still ... you have to ask yourself ... where's Jack! Oh boy!

Nice belly kid!

Like the hands of a clock going around and around ... its that time of year again.

Time for peas!

So yeah ... I stinketh .. in a biggeth way ... my wife has me beat 5 in 5 games.

Daddy and son experiment with a honey based carmel popcorn

It was a royal flop. The butter and honey I used scorched before the popcorn popped.

 Happy Valentines day. I thought I'd take a moment to brag on my wife and some of here loving little touches

 So I like the little figurines ... but as always ... it's the chocolate that steals my heart ;-)

"... thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord"

Such a lovely meal! Thanks babe! Love ya lots!

Creative table settings

5 star service ... well actually better since I got to kiss the waitress ;-)

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