Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Celebrations!

Jack stars in his very own album - Taking On The Town

Excited fans


Locked in combat 


Finalizing the final preparations

Turkey awt

How is it that baloons can cause so much joy?

In memory of turkeys everywhere eaten by hungry pilgrims

A special touch 

Why can't we just eat Thanksgiving meal at noon and skip the snacks

A love so sweet

"Sorting the yarns" 

The party arrives

Or shall we say party to the crime .... hmm 

Aunt Cari 

"I got it!" 

Thank God that's not a larger caliber firearm!

See that! 

Now thats a fact! 


"I got it!"

Sharing of times past! 

PILGRIMS mother! 

Now that is a feast!

Good stuff!

Time for action ... all the rest are un labeled ...

Don't talk about my mother that way! 



KaHolly said...

Loved all your photos!! Wish I'd been there. See you soon, Auntie Karen

Laura said...

Thanks for finally posting!!! ;) i really enjoy the pictures of your sweet family.

~a lurker

Savories of Life said...

fun! do come and follow my blog.