Saturday, February 26, 2011

At a farm I've been volunteering at. Basically a therapeutic riding center for handicapped children.

"Art" ... no really


With no mowers to walk behind, no ladders to sling, no holes to dig, there is only one way to stay in shape this time of year. 

Oh yeah ...

Of course, little guy has to have a go at it.  

Helping daddy stretch 

Well, not sure if this has improved or diminished the effectiveness of this stretch.  

Seeds are like an investment. One little seed can produce pounds of food. 

Checking off my order 

Melons, tomatos, lettuce, zinnias ... smell the dirt, feel the breeze. 

 Decidedly UNimpressed

Once again, I sense a lack of confidence in the lads face. Wonder why. 

Ready to roll

The confidence returns to his eyes. 

Hmm ... I think I see confidence in her eyes.  

Setting out on what became an epic journey of completing the Cliff Walk for the first time ever for Rebekah and Jack. Of course, it wasn't completing the Cliff Walk that was difficult, it was the coming back that was tiring. Amazing how winter kills the endurance factor. 

Sea side ...

Step by step, one step at a time. Breath. We can do this ... oh wait. We just started.





"I love you Baby ..." 

In which my wife captures a shot of me moments before I plummeted off the cliff and died. Well, at least she had the shot for the blog. Good thinking babe. 

As New England as it gets. 

Fellow Adventurer 

In which we come to the end.  

Resting up before the 1 1/2 hr. walk back. (Gonna have to weigh my not-so-little guy some time)

This place should be in some vintage A & E film 

With our supplies dwindled to nothing, we were left with no other option then Chinese take-out to help us survive the ride home.  Foot note: We made it home OK

Was THAT ever true today!
Well folks! That's all for now. 
God bless and I can't wait for spring. ;-)


The Dischers said...

That little Jack is getting so big (as I am sure you noticed when he was on your back ha ha)and handsome! Good for you two for taking on a challenge of hiking w/the baby! We used to hike with children...till we got old ha ha. Now the bid kids hold the baby while we all hike:) Pretty smart huh?

Nice to catch up with you both a little. I am sure missing your extended family doesn't help with those winter doldrums :( I know the feeling! FYI We saw Melissa last night (Friday night that is) and can officially report that she was fine.

God bless your sweet family as you run the race for the King of Kings!

Mrs. Discher

Simply me said...

Nice pictures! Wow thats ironic about the fortune cookie!